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Laser Therapy

Expertly delivered Laser Therapy allows us to treat wrinkles, skin blemishes, scars and even whiten teeth. The results can be dramatic as the laser provides a safer way to precisely treat specific and smaller areas while resulting in less swelling and faster recovery.

About Our Laser Therapy

We all want healthy skin and a beautiful smile. Laser Therapy can make these possible for those of us not necessarily born with either.

Compared to traditional surgeries, Laser treatments can be more precise, cause less damage to the tissue or skin and thus, shorten healing time.

When we use this treatment, it’s to provide a superior service while treating the areas of the body that need a little extra “help”.

Our expert team, including Parisa Jamsheed, RN, MSN and Dr. Amir Jamsheed have extensive training and years of experience using Laser Therapy to help improve a variety of not-so-perfect areas and bring them brighter, whiter smiles.

Laser Therapy can be used to:

  • Whiten teeth
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Remove unwanted hair
  • Remove unwanted skin tags
  • Lessen the appearance of scars
Laser Therapy - Encino Dental Studio
Laser Therapy - Encino Dental Studio

Using Laser Therapy to Improve Oral Health

When we eat, our body has systems in place to help us break down that food and convert it to energy.

This process begins in the mouth, where the saliva begins to work on the food particles. Unfortunately, the process is not perfect and food can become lodged within the teeth. Brushing can of course help to dislodge these particles and clean the teeth, keeping them healthy. But, if left untreated, these particles can build up and bacteria can start thriving – leading to problems that require treatment.

This is where Laser Therapy shines. Using a deft hand and gentle touch, we can help eliminate the build up of bacteria on teeth and leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean.

This is not to take the place of brushing and flossing! But, if you need treatment, Laser Therapy can be a great way to get excellent results fast.

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