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Considering our Encino dental implants? Concerned about the cost? You’re not the first to ask about the price of implants or if financing is available. If you’re in the early stages of considering dental implant therapy, here are some important things to know:

Yes, You Can Apply Your Insurance Benefits

Dental implants are typically covered by your insurance plan. Years ago, that wasn’t the case. We’ll work with your carrier to determine your benefit amount so that you can see exactly what’s expected to be covered before you have to worry about financing the remaining amount.

Dental Implants Offer the Best Return on Investment

No tooth replacement treatment outlasts or outperforms dental implants. Opting for cheaper restorations or dentures can be more affordable initially, but over the course of your smile’s health, implants can save you money. It’s important to think long term; implants are the only restoration that’s durable enough to last for the rest of your life.

Alternative Financing Options

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can opt to finance your implant treatment. Some people prefer to use a credit card and earn airline miles, while others apply their flex spending balance. Others use 3 rd party services like CareCredit, which offers 0% interest financing up to 12 months (making payments easy to fit into your monthly expenses.) You can usually combine different options to find what works best for your budget.

Get a Custom Quote

The price of dental implant therapy varies from person to person, due to the number of implants involved and the type of restoration that they choose. Encino Dental Studio will create a customized care plan that outlines the cost of your care, estimated insurance benefits, and any remaining balance that you may want to finance. Call our office today to reserve an appointment!


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