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If you’re thinking about enhancing your smile or getting a second opinion, you’ll be
thrilled to know that Encino Dental Studio offers complementary consultations for certain types of services.

Need a Second Opinion?

The cost of dental treatment is dependent on several factors, including the type of
insurance you carry and the opinion of the dentist you’re seeing. In some cases,
dentists may recommend different types of treatment based on what they’re comfortable with or their perspective of your oral health needs.

If you have a treatment plan from another dental office but are hesitant to move forward with treatment, we encourage you to think about a free second opinion with Dr. Jamsheed. During your visit we can review our own findings so that you are able to compare and contrast the two treatment plans. There’s no commitment necessary and it’s a simple way to put your mind at ease. Your oral health deserves it!

Thinking About Braces? Invisalign?

Getting braces is a commitment that can last for several months or even over a year. Worrying about the cost of orthodontics or Invisalign may be a deterrent for people who simply wonder if they qualify for treatment at all.

To minimize the headache, Dr. Jamsheed provides no-hassle, free orthodontic
evaluations at our office in Encino. That way if you want to learn more about Invisalign for yourself or see if your child needs braces, you can get an honest opinion before committing to anything.

0% Financing is Available

If you decide that it’s time to move forward with your dental needs, our Encino dentist also provides flexible, low-interest financing options through CareCredit. Apply online today to get pre-approved and start on your care right away!

Ready to get started? Call Encino Dental Studio now to reserve your free consultation.

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