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A brighter smile may be all your teeth need to look their best. Safely whitening the color of your teeth can help them look healthier and younger. That way you can feel confident smiling in photos, meeting new people, or looking your best at that next job interview.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Professional Teeth Whitening is Best

Over-the-counter gels aren’t as concentrated or effective as our professional whitening systems. You can only purchase professional grade gel directly from your dentist. It isn’t available online or in stores. Our Encino cosmetic dentist can help you find the perfect concentration and application method to help you get the strongest, gentlest results possible!

Whiten if You Have Upcoming Dental Work

Planning to have some dental work completed? If you need a filling or crown on one of your front teeth, it’s best to go ahead and whiten your smile first. Plan to whiten at least two weeks prior to the scheduled procedure. When you do, we can match your new restoration to blend in with your teeth.

Consider Your Existing Restorations

If you have existing fillings or crowns in your front teeth, keep in mind that it’s not
possible to bleach those areas. The material simply does not change color, no matter how strong the whitening gel is that’s applied. Whitening those areas will cause your restorations to stand out more.

Plan a Cleaning First

It’s difficult to whiten your teeth evenly if there’s buildup or stain in the way. Consider scheduling your whitening session immediately after your professional cleaning to ensure the kit works as designed. We also recommend touching up after cleanings to help you keep your smile bright.

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